Electrical Engineering

Electrification Projects

At Wanga Power Projects we group conveniently Electrification into three sectors: rural electrification, formal urban electrification and the electrification of informal urban settlements.
We provide turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) services for urban and rural electrification and transmission, building electrification and metro electrification amongst others.
We have the requisite engineering skills and experience to deliver complex projects in time and budgets. Our team of highly skilled engineering professionals have delivered some of the most prestigious and highly challenging projects for government departments, public Sector entities and private corporates.

Our Company has a strong portfolio of past and existing projects across multiple industries.
These include power and public industries.

Substation & Switching Station Maintenance

Wanga Power Projects is also an established player in substation Construction, modification and maintenance. We have highly skilled engineers, project managers, very experience project teams, and support staff to specifically deliver these projects within budget and on time.

Our Services include:
Fence Installations & Modifications
Foundations and Station Buildings.
Oil Containment Systems.
Ground Systems
Conduit, Cable Trench and Duct Systems.
Steel Erection
Equipment Assembly and Adjustment.
Control Building Installations LV Control and Power Cables.
MV and HV Power Cables.

Smart Metering System Installation

Wanga’s advanced technology division provides smart metering solutions for many applications, including:
1. Residential smart metering.
2. Micro-generation metering
3. Prepayments,
4. Engineering monitoring, etc
Our team of expert installers is always on the grounds to deal with any clients requirements.
Via our lean and efficient ISO 9001 service delivery systems, our turnaround time for all customer needs is very minimal.

Streetlight & High Mast Installation & Maintenance

At Wanga, we are one of the well- know executors of Street Lighting, High Mast Lighting and any other public space lighting. most of the lights we offer are energy efficient and low maintenance.
The offered services comprise designing of lighting networks, laying of the feeder cable, erection of electrical poles, installation of light fittings, testing, and commissioning. We also specialize in the maintenance of existing lighting infrastructure.
We have also proudly introduced LED alternatives for all the light fittings that we offer. The offered services are carried out, by our team of industry experts,

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